Guided tour in Kyrgyzstan 2019

Botanizing along the Old Silk Road

There are a few spaces left for the 2019 tour

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We are asked to volunteer (for the organisation to promote community based tourism) as guides on special Fruit and Felt tours to the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. During this trip we focus on the luscious fruit trees of Kyrgyzstan. We will visit the biggest natural walnut forests in the world and will be able to see the harvest and processing of the nuts Also we will visit the natural fruit forests which consist of all kinds of wild fruit trees. Among them the wild apple (Malus sieversii), this is the ancestor of all the apples used as fruit in the world. We will see it's natural variation in all colors, shapes and tastes. Apart from all this we will have two workshops in which we will make traditional felt, as it is practiced for centuries among the Kyrgyz people. The purpose of this trip is to get to know Kyrgyzstan in all it's lesser known aspects. For instance by eating a different cuisine every night. Because of the myriad of ethnic groups also culinary there is a lot to discover in Kyrgyzstan.

The trip will be led by Dutch plantspecialist Brian Kabbes. He will help you with the booking from the travel organization in Kyrgyzstan, who will be organizing this tour.

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Fruit and Felt tour

Fruit and Felt Tour

Fruit and Felt Tour

Fruit and Felt Tour

Fruit and Felt Tour

Fruit and Felt Tour

Fruit and Felt Tour


Kwekerij Kabbes 2018